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Forward Thinking Initiatives prepares future entrepreneurs and innovators by offering engaging programs that teach entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and creative thinking to youth, thereby improving their competitive edge when entering the workforce.



Forward Thinking Initiatives would like to thank Dr. Cathy Ashmore, Executive Director of the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education for her inspiration and support in helping us to grow as a non-profit dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship to teens. We are grateful to Cathy for her inspiration, her leadership and her passion!

Dr. Ashmore was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Education Hall of Fame during the 31st Annual Entrepreneurship Education National FORUM held in Cleveland, Ohio.

For over thirty-one years Cathy has given her time and talent to the growth and development of entrepreneurship education throughout the nation. She has written about the need for aspiring entrepreneurs to have the educational preparation to ensure that they succeed as they advance toward their entrepreneurial dreams. She has worked to help education policy makers know that the entrepreneurs of the future are in our schools and colleges today. Over the years she has focused the work of the Consortium to help educators from K-16 understand that they can help students become self-sufficient by being prepared to create their own business opportunity.

Thanks to Dr. Ashmore’s inspiration, FTI has opened numerous partnerships throughout Tampa Bay, has started its first Teen Entrepreneurship Academy at the St. Petersburg Greenhouse and summer camps at the Museum of Science and Industry. We are grateful to you Dr. Ashmore for your leadership in this important area of education.