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About Us

Our Mission

is to foster future entrepreneurs and innovators by providing engaging and relevant programs that teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy, innovation, leadership, creative thinking and life skills to youth, thereby improving their competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.
FTI has been offering our programs to teens and educators since 2005. We pride ourselves on small class size with an emphasis on individualized instruction.   The average class size is 15 students, however we are able to go up to 40 students. Average student/teacher ratio is 8/1.

What We Teach

Teens  learn the principles of entrepreneurship and how to start their own company through after school programs and camps. Students work with their personal interests  while learning how to think, plan, and act like entrepreneurs as well as how to write a business plan and prepare a power point presentation describing their plan.  Through our creative thinking and product development games and simulations, our young business people will study such areas as creative problem solving, team building through robotics, and innovation through a curriculum developed by the Brainstorm Institute.   Trophies are awarded for the top business plans or most innovative product, following a competition held on the last day.

Our Curriculum

We have a unique curriculum that teaches practical skills through games and simulations.  Some modules include:

  • Career skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Business planning
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Successful negotiating
  • Business ethics and philanthropy
  • Science and technology

We also teach the less academic skills which we believe is the strength of the whole program:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Product development
  • Service development
  • Turning ideas into opportunities
  • Art
  • Leadership training
  • Effective communication