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Creative Thinking

Creativity and Product Development

Creativity is at the heart of entrepreneurship, enabling entirely new ways of thinking and working. Entrepreneurs identify opportunities, large or small, that no one else has noticed. Good entrepreneurs also have the ability to apply that creativity–they can effectively marshal resources to a single end. They have drive—a fervent belief in their ability to change the way things are done, and the force of will and the passion to achieve success. They have a focus on creating value—they want to do things better, faster, cheaper. And they take risks—breaking rules, cutting across accepted boundaries, and going against the status quo.” Accenture

(From the National Resource Center for Youth Development)

Our objective is to introduce students to the basics of product design, brain storming, problem solving and creative thinking as it applies to entrepreneurship.

Sample topics include:

What is Creativity
Creativity Games, Simulations and Projects
Exploring Cross Pollination
Vertical and Lateral Thinking
Mind Locks
Product Development
Basics of Entrepreneurship and Profits
Non Profit Idea Development If you were Ben Franklin…
Robotics Competition
Engineering and Design

Forward Thinking Initiatives strives to develop a more competitive emerging workforce by providing programs with a focus on youth entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. For more information about our programs, you can email us at: Campbell@forwardthinkinginitiatives.com or by phone at: 813 760-7860.