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Corporate & Industry

Corporate and Industry Programs

Allow us to partner with YOUR company or institution! We can design a workforce program to teach teens about how your company works. Whether you are a non profit, service company or a manufacturer, we can design a curriculum that trains teens about your industry.

How does this help YOU?

Custom Workforce: Let’s start early to teach teens about the businesses that are in their own community. This brings specific career training programs to a younger group of students and helps to prepare them with better skills when they enter the workforce.

Employee’s Family Program: If your company or organization has enough families with middle and high school students, allow us to design a custom program for them.

Forward Thinking Initiatives strives to develop a more competitive emerging workforce by providing programs with a focus on youth entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. For more information about our programs, you can email us at: Campbell@forwardthinkinginitiatives.com or by phone at: 813 760-7860.